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Local marketing is one of the most important factors for businesses of all sizes. There are multiple reasons for this, but one such reason is that people in the local area are the ones who want to visit a store; therefore, they will use their smart phone, computer or other resource to decide where to shop. The truth is maintaining a local website will give your business an advantage over the competition that is not currently using a website. This alone can help you achieve the following:

Establish a direct connection with consumers

Consumers feel more comfortable doing business with companies that maintain websites containing information that is unique and customized for their local area. Those clients who are looking for local services will steer clear of larger companies, which can present the perfect opportunity for you to create an effective local site that showcases your local work.

Establish Higher Revenues and Better Conversion Rates

Local content can mean an increased conversion rate. In other words, content that uses zip codes, state and city names will give your pages more relevancies in terms of local searches, than a site where the pages are not optimized for the local area. Additionally, along with your content, SEO tags should also be used to include these terms.

Create Content that is optimized for a Specific Local Area

As discussed above, the content contained on your website will serve as the driving force behind converting visitors into customers. The content should clearly speak to every consumer and include a vast amount of knowledge regarding the local area. You may even want to include the state or city name in your URL.

Gain Higher Quality Scores for Paid Marketing on Search Engines and Better Click-through rates

When state and local city names are used in the on-page content and the URL, Google and other major search engines will award you with a higher score in terms of locally-based searches. Using a strategy such as this will give you a chance to obtain cheaper clicks than your competitors; in addition, the click-through rate on your ad will also be higher.

Every campaign should be targeted to a certain local area. Make sure you include text that is customized because this can help you directly speak to prospective consumers by encouraging them to click your advertisement.

Higher Ranking in Free Natural Search Engines

To increase conversion rates, it is a good idea to have an SEO optimized local site, as you will have more success than with a site that is focused nationally. In the end, higher conversion rates always accompany higher revenues for your company.

Elements that an effective Website should contain to help with Local Marketing

In the end, to ensure your local website is effective it should contain the following elements:

  • Customer Testimonials
  • Your company’s differentiators
  • Content that utilizes city areas, colloquialisms,      local zip codes, etc.
  • Contact information that includes a local phone      number
  • About us, Services list and other company      information



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